CinemaHD 4

Have you saved your videos or your movies on your computer and now you would like to watch it on your TV? CinemaHD converts your videos and movies in a way that they will be displayed optimal on your respective device. You can choose comfortably your device from a list.
Furthermore, the software converts your videos to high definition and achieves the best possible resolution. The background of this innovative performance is the ODU-technology (Object Detection Upscaling), which is able to resolve scaling errors and scaling artifacts visibly and better than common methods from Spline or Lanczos. With only a few mouse clicks you can create HD-files out of DVD-videos (or single chapters).
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Be able to enter my name

Lorentise Butt, 02.01.2016, 01:04
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Have the program in English.....

Have the interface of the program in English.
Jacques Malette, 01.01.2016, 19:27
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Make it compatible with Windows 10.

Bmr, 01.01.2016, 19:52
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